Red Gate Riding

Promoting confident individuals and horses through riding and boarding

Red Gate Riding, MN



Red Gate Riding lesson horses are all experienced and very friendly! Our variety of horses allow for our beginner riders to build confidence, and our more experienced riders to continue their progress.



Red Gate Riding instructors work hard to create a fun and safe environment to learn. Students of all ages benefit from the approach our instructors take to teach excellent horsemanship theory and skills.



For lesson and/or boarding openings, follow @redgateriding on Facebook. New schedules will be posted under the ‘schedule’ menu option as well.

Our Philosophy

As a boarding facility, we value providing quality care of our clients’ horses. We strive to consistently provide a facility that nurtures a healthy and functional environment for our horses and clients.
As a riding school, our focus is on creating a confident horse person while providing a fun and safe environment. Our goal is to develop students that understand good horsemanship and can effectively communicate with their equine partner in the saddle and on the ground. 

For more schedule updates and special offerings, follow @redgateriding on Facebook!