I cannot recommend Red Gate Riding highly enough! RGR has had such a positive impact on my daughter’s confidence/self-esteem. The riding instructor, Katie, offers just the right blend of encouragement and challenge to her students. I was amazed to see how quickly Katie got my daughter to the level of horsemanship she has achieved! What I equally appreciate is Katie’s emphasis on horse-safety AND husbandry. I wanted my daughter to enjoy riding, but also wanted her to be aware of what is entailed in caring for these beautiful animals. My daughter’s highlights have been painting the horses and also doing riding games with her fellow students. I’ve been so fortunate to have Katie as my daughter’s riding instructor! I will definitely continue sending her to Red Gate Riding for the years to come!

Sara from Rochester

My daughter has learned so much from Katie!  She is very knowledgeable, but even more important, so kind, nice and patient with each child.  I feel so blessed that we have found her as our instructor.

Karen from Rochester

You are nice, patient and fun!

Zoe, Karen’s daughter

My eight-year-old daughter had her first horse experience with Katie today. She had so much fun, she was grinning from ear to ear the entire hour! Katie was very professional and took the time to explain to Avery all the tack pieces and why they do things the way they do them. Safety first! -Tera from Rochester

Tera from Rochester

We’ve been with Red Gate Riding for over 3 years now (years of lessons, a birthday party and now leasing) and we absolutelylove… Katie! She goes above and beyond with her students and puts an enormous amount of time and energy into each day that she’s with our daughter. Red Gate is the best!
Tiffany from West Concord